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Vanity Chair Hair Services

Blow out: Shampoo and Style                     $30

Men Haircut                                          $20

Women Haircut                                          $35 & Up

Children Haircut (under 10)                     $10-20

Bang trim                                                 $10

Up-Do styling                                          $45-60

-Depending on length of hair

Special Occasion Up-do & Makeup       $85 & Up

Makeup                                                        $45

Bridal Services                                    *Consultation

Scalp treatment                                          $20

Deep Conditioning                                    $30


Color and Chemical Services

Single Process “All over color”

-Depending on hair length                     $60 & Up

Single Process Touch-up                             $40

Double Process

-Depending on hair length                      $80 & Up

HiLight (partial)

-Depending on hair length                     $80 & Up

HiLight Partial Touch-Up                     $60

HiLight All Over

-Depending on hair length                       $120 & Up

Permanent Wave

-Depending on hair length                      $80 & Up

Corrective Color                                   *consultation


Vanity Chair Facial Services


Vanity Chair Combo hydrating facial        $35

Express Facial                                                 $25

Raspberry Peach Enzyme                            $30

-All Skin Types

Coconut and Papaya Enzyme                            $35

-Normal, Rosacea, Sensitive skin.

Cranberry Sugar Cane enzyme                     $40

-All Skin Types

Lemon Zest Enzyme                                           $30

-Normal, dry, sun damageskin; Hyperpigmentation.

-Add Lactic to lemon zest               $45

-Add Light Microdermabrasion        $55

Pomegranate Enzyme                                   $35

-Normal, Combination, oily, mild acne, hyperpigmentation, again, sun damaged skin.

-Add Glycolic to Pomegranate        $45

-Add Light Mircodermabrasion        $55

Blueberry Enzyme                                           $40

-All skin types EXCEPT ROSACEA & SENSITIVE. Anti-aging, normal/combo and oily skin, teenage acne.

-Add Light Microdermabrasion       $65

Glycolic Peel                                                 $50

Lactic Peel                                                 $55

Microdermabrasion                                   $65

-Series of 6                                          $275

Ultrasound Facial Treatment              $45


Add- On (mask, extractions,high-frequency)        $10


Vanity Chair Wax Services


Facial Waxing Services:


Eyebrow wax $15

Upper Lip/Chin $10

Sideburns $10

Any 2 Facial wax combo $20

Any 3 Facial wax Combo $30

Body Waxing Services:


Underarm $10

Half Arm $20

Half Leg $30

Full Leg $40

Chest/Back $45

Traditional Bikini $35

Brazilian $65


**Please inform us if you are currently using Retin A or taking Accutane, recently used Ultra Violet Tanning Beds. Or if you have had recently had a microdermabrasion or Chemical Peel Treatment. These services dramatically change and thin out the skin and waxing would be too aggressive and can cause the skin to lift and scar the skin.




2 Responses to “Beauty Salon Services”

  1. erika May 31, 2013 at 3:08 am #

    do you guys do nails?

    • V. May 31, 2013 at 3:44 am #

      Hello Erika,

      Thanks for your inquiry! Yes, Vanity Chair Beauty Salon does manicures and gelish nail manicures.

      Please call (925) 969-9028 to make an appointment. We’d love to do your nails!


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